Memorable Housewarming Gifts

At Benchmark Homes, one of the things we like best is handing over  keys to new homeowners.  It’s the exciting first step toward a new new beginning, where a house becomes a home, and it’s one of the most heartwarming parts of our job.  It’s why we’re here. 

We have seen a whole range of unique housewarming gifts, some good ideas, some not so good. 
If you have a friend or loved one moving into a new home, we’ve got some great ideas. 

Gift Baskets.  Gift baskets are a simple and creative way to give a gift that can go well beyond the move-in date.  Fill the basket with the new homeowner’s favorite foods, or wine with some wine glasses. 

Home Improvement Supplies.  First time homebuyers especially might need hoses, rakes and gardening tools.  Or maybe consider a gift card to a nearby home improvement store.

Potted or yard plans.  If the new homeowner has a green thumb you may want to consider a nice plant or two. 

Cookbooks. With the immense array of cookbooks available, you’re sure to find one to suit the taste of the new homeowner.

Grilling Supplies.   Grilling is especially exciting for first-time homebuyers.  Choose sturdy utensils, brushes, skewers, or even a new grill.

Paper Products.  Practical has it’s place. Everyone can use a giant package of paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates, cups, etc.. These items are especially nice to have on hand before all the boxes are unpacked.