Create the PERFECT At-Home Space for School-Year Success

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for kids to head back to school! Whether they are just beginning their school-aged journey or in their senior year of high school, creating a home environment to help with their academic success is important, and a lot easier than you might think.
A designated homework area in your home is a simple way for children to get in a routine that promotes organization, productivity and good grades. Creating a regular time and place for homework helps kids to avoid distractions, develop a schedule and avoid procrastination. According to the US Department of Education, setting up the right environment for homework includes finding a fairly quiet location with good lighting, turning off the TV and discouraging from phone calls during homework time, and providing the right resources including supplies, books and computer access.
Creating a specific place for backpacks can also help tremendously when it comes to after-school organization.
Every family’s home may have the homework area in a different space. You have to find what works best for your family. It can be in a bedroom, loft, corner of the family room, or even at the kitchen table if necessary, as long as the space is “quiet with no TV’s, radios, or people frequently walking in and out.”
Organizing the homework area with brightly colored containers helps prevent clutter, which can be a concentration killer. Adding artwork on the walls makes it a fun area, where kids want to be, and stimulates their creativity.
If your homework area is in the living area of your home, the way to make this work when you have children of different ages is to set time aside as designated quiet time, when the school-aged kids can work on their homework, and younger children can be occupied in another room. Parents can help set a good example by using this time to read, check emails, pay bills, or do other tasks that require quiet thought and productivity.
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