Our BOYL Division offers many different floor plans. Click on any of the twelve styles shown below to see a sample of the innovative designs offered by Benchmark. Call your Benchmark BOYL representative to schedule a time to look at all of the floor plans in our portfolio and to begin using the “Flexible Floor Plan Program” to design YOUR new home today.

No Garage:
1,393 Filmore
1,404 Chateau
1,406 Barrington
1,467 Glendale
1,499 Pierce
1,500 Jefferson
1,608 Brandly
1,609 Brunswick
Double Garage:
1,334 Belleme
1,391 Monroe
1,392 Barrington
1,397 Drayton
1,482 Paxton
1,492 Stoneridge
1,495 Chamberlin
1,498 Henley
1,536 Shelton
1,558 Burlington
1,573 Sterling
1,589 Granby
1,674 Madison
Executive Series:
1,647 Autumn Grove
1,651 Vinemont
1,664 Emery
1,672 Callaway
1,677 Pinewood
1,740 Milan
1,741 Castleton
1,888 Kingsley

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